Following mission green initiative by PDG Ken, the rotary club of namugongo has been planting trees to save the environment.

Rotary Mission Green is the name PDG Governor Kenneth Mugisha gives an inspiring campaign to plant 5 million trees a year over the five years (2017-2022) in Uganda and Tanzania.

The program focuses on tree growing alongside tangible benefits provided through clean energy technologies (institutional stoves) that redefine biomass energy consumption trends. They believe that every person can plant a tree, and trees, as well as inspire more people to do the same. Their target is to plant and nurture (grow) three million trees in the short term (12 months),  20 million trees over 5 years, and make tree growing a proud habit within Uganda and District 9211.  Their idea will therefore be a catalyst for Uganda’s committed green growth and to some way to meeting the global Sustainable Development Goals.

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