To crown the membership month of august, the rotary club of namugongo hosted PDG Waggwa Nsibirwa Robert aka PDG Bob as the guest speaker. PDG Bob argued that membership is a function of recruitment and retention. Whatever does not grow dies said PDG Bob.

He cautioned clubs not be like commuter taxi in Uganda which are famous for being keen to get passengers into the taxi but don’t care about those already in.

In his remarks, PDG bob pointed that a key ingredient to retention is engage members in different activities of the club. He warned that members if not engaged they would disengage. He observed that, rotary clubs need to strengthen the recruitment process and tell the entire story to prospective members.

Bob also pointed out the difference between being a member of a rotary club and a good Rotarian. Good Rotarians must enjoy the benefits of rotary together with all the obligations that come with it.

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