Let me talk about the joy of service. During our installation function on 1st of July 2017, I asked the guest of honor PDG Emmanuel how he is able to ‘multiply’ the 24 hours in a day and avail large chunks of time to serving humanity? Weeks earlier I had asked the same question to our Assistant Governor Ronald Kawaddwa. Interestingly the answers were identical– the feeling of doing it is what energizes them. As Mahtma Ghandhi put it: “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”.

This inner feeling and energy can be so strong and is capable of moving mountains. We have seen men and women powered by love move mountains. In some cases the “power of love” has been used to explain spirited undertakings that cannot be explained otherwise.

As we lay our grasp on this exciting rotary year we need to celebrate and enjoy our good feeling and energy generated from the previous rotary years. Good feelings from our medical camps evidenced by the queues of patients seeking medical services – truly we make a difference in peoples lives. Good feelings from our dustbin project, good feeling from tree planting to mention but a few.

The fact that we are Rotarians is proof enough that we are already powered from within. It is the will to serve that brings Rotarians together. We share the indomitable will to take action.

Our main mission for this year is crystal clear – to green the environment – aka Mission Green. Imagine the good feeling that we are stopping climatic change? We are improving food security? We are producing more oxygen? the feeling that we are taming environmental degradation? and the feeling that we are saving lives. The July edition of our district 9211 magazine – the wave has put it more clearly: “Plan a tree means, plant a million lives”. Who doesn’t want to save a life? What about saving millions of lives?

Let us maximise this good feeling because the energy it generates can power other parts of our personal lives including businesses, friendships and spiritual endeavours. I therefore call upon all members to grab a share of the feeling by taking part in all club service projects, live by rotary code of conduct and be a symbol of service. I would like to wish you the best during this year of service as we aim to make difference.

Rtn Benjamin Kanagwa

President 2017/2018


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