As we continue the membership month of August, we need to seriously think about the reasons why we are stagnating at 1.2 Millions Rotarians for the last couple of years. It has been noted that one of the key issues is retention – we are able to attract new Rotarians but also keep on loosing some. There is need to pay attention to Rotarians in our clubs, when they miss fellowship without apology we need to find out if we can be of any help. Just like good comrades, we need to help our Rotarians to stay on their feet. We would rather ensure that we do not loose a single Rotarian or have Rotarians who is laid back and not actively engaged in club activities.

Our buddy groups can play a big role in fostering a tighter bonding of our members. We cannot assume that circumstances surrounding our Rotarians are constant; there are obviously good times, and bad times. I want to implore all Rotarians to do rotary work among our own Rotarians to encourage each other and be truly one family – a family that cares for each other and aims to improve the quality and quantity of rotary input from our members

We all have good intentions, as Rotarians the challenges ahead of us are very immense. We have the best proposition as clearly put: “And we can do this by capitalizing on our enviable values to secure our future and turn the world the right side up” Sam F. Owori. Rotarians, lets pay attention to our friends already in the rotary fraternity, and be good comrades that will cover each other to keep the battle going. Please enjoy the membership and extension month.

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