Today is our last fellowship in the membership and extension month for this rotary year. I want us to reflect on the reasons why we joined rotary. What exactly attracted you to rotary? And how close are you towards doing what attracted you? Or are you making giant steps towards why you joined rotary. Whether your reasons are long term or short term there should be visible indicators towards what brought you to rotary.

Obviously, our reasons vary but I will assume that the most important reasons that attracted us are inline with the objectives rotary. Yesterday 30th August 2017, I attended a joint fellowship for Rotary Club of Kampala Nalya and Kampala Metropolitan, I enjoyed rib breaking comedy by celebrated comedian Pablo, I met new business acquaintances, discussed service projects, shared a drink with friends. In short I would consider this not as a great evening. This is just one dimension of how I managed to enjoy my membership. We have a mission green on 1st September 2017, I am sure I will enjoy contributing to the environment.

We can only enjoy rotary through concise steps and milestones towards attaining what attracted us. Every collective or individual step should be an enormous source of joy and pleasure. Remember we need to make a difference to the world through rotary service. Let us enjoy our membership by delivering the difference we want to see.

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